Sold our bed – the last of our big furniture…. Our home is becoming more and more of a warehouse! Two weeks left here!


Only God knows when detours are necessary. Driving back from VA the highway was jammed so we detoured for a while. A family in distress waved us down because a man’s 3 y.o. son was seizing. He was frantic and didn’t know what to do. Mandy cared for the boy until the ambulance arrived. God’s perfect timing. The boy was sick and was having a febrile seizure. Even though Mandy caught the boy’s sickness it was worth it to offer some comfort to a family in need!


Present our ministry at sending church Denbigh Baptist in Newport News, VA. Wonderful, encouraging weekend. A woman in the church told us Maicol’s message on the Prodigal son was the best she’s heard in 80 years!


Tides baseball game with Dad and three of four kids to celebrate his 60th birthday which was 4/29. So much fun! Ammie had her first tastes of Cotton Candy…


Presented our ministry plans at Mountain Stream in the Poconos, PA. This was the church plan we worked with for nearly three years. Wonderful time of fellowship and spending time with friends.


Maicol’s birthday celebrated with friends at Texas Roadhouse! Happy 31st!


Praying for God to open doors for us to find willing and able church partners. Prayerfully and financially. We are packing up and moving out in 3 weeks and we have no Plan B! Praying God is glorified through our faith-filled steps.


Surprise birthday for Cintia. My dear friend we love you and are so excited for your journey ahead! Brazil – here we come!


Visit at Bridgewater Baptist in Montrose, PA was very nice. Good to connect with sending church Pastor’s former church family! Great people!



Fun times walking the boardwalk and eating yummy, expensive food with friends.



Dinner with Ellsworth’s and Alonso’s. Alonso’s are headed to Columbia. We had a wonderful South American evening!


Maicol and I are so grateful to have two wonderful mothers. To the mother who raised me (Mandy) – thanks! You are such a great friend to me and a wonderful comfort. I love you so much. I love your advice and you warm welcome every time we come home. I tear up thinking what I’ll do when you’re no longer 7 hours away by car…


BBC Graduation and congrats to our sister Danielle Newman! So proud of you! Happy to have our Newman family staying with us.