New Years Eve Party in the Lorrow Home in Richmond, VA! Fun times! We found fellow Ticket to Ride players! The Lorrow’s are heading up the AWANA program in the area! We had a great time! Thanks for all the food and fun!


10 inches of snow forces South East Virginia to declare a State of Emergency! Whoo! Snow Day! We played with the kids in the snow and watched movies!



Sent out our last letters and Christmas cards today! And *(drum roll please)* we are 3% SUPPORTED AS OF TODAY! God is good! We pray the Lord is blessing each of you as the Season of Giving and realizing His gift to us is upon us!


Just got back last night from an amazing weekend in NYC! We had such a blast and the weather was beautiful. We watched C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters Off- Broadway and we went Ice skating in Bryant Park! We walked around Times Square and had dinner at a nice restaurant in Midtown. We saw the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and the millions of people standing in line to skate… We had so much fun! And to top it off…. We were surprised to find out that our hotel reservations placed us on the top floor so we could see all of NYC from our hotel in Jersey City! What an amazing weekend. We are so thankful to our friends who gave us free bus tickets to get there! And we are thankful to God for giving us everything, even money to have fun in the city!


Today we left for Thanksgiving vacation! We headed south to Virginia. And 8 miles into our trip… the car broke down. After a delay of about 3 hours, we got back on the road! Thank you Lord we broke down 8 miles from home! The place that changed our oil yesterday looked at it and called us to say they made a mistake and overfilled the oil tank. So they apparently have taken care of it. So thankful it’s not serious. We are safe and sound in VA. God is good, even when I (Mandy) have a bad attitude! Thankful for forgiveness. Thankful for my husband. Thankful for the Newmans and their love in our life! Thankful for all of our family and all the joy and excitement He brings through them! Have a Happy Thankful Day!


Maicol’s friend from Cedarville came in town today. The Greve’s are good friends of ours and we have enjoyed spending some time with their whole family as they came to watch two of the boys play in a tournament this weekend! Go Defenders!


Enjoyed a great time with Stoddard girls in Thompson Dorm for Bible Study!


Mandy is attending her Revelation bible study tonight with Beth Moore. This stuff is so good to study…


Famous Photo

We became excellent mail stuffers today…preparing the letters for take off! We also became Patriot football fans. Mandy’s classmate from high school is a starter! Go Jerod Mayo! (#51) If only I hadn’t thrown away that photo from sixth grade…


Watched Abington Heights High School football playoff game. Beautiful weather! We were in T-shirts... so not like NEPA.


We hosted a couples Tastefully Simple party in our home tonight. What fun! And great food!


Thank you to our Veterans and all you do to keep this nation free! Thanks Dad especially, your time in the Service taught your kids to be honorable and disciplined and dedicated to all that we put our hands to. I love you and I thank God for Daddy’s like you!


Maicol has two friends that live in the area that also grew up with him in Brazil, Rod and Doug. Maicol enjoys having his friends so close. Tonight we enjoyed a dinner over at Doug and Amy’s house and Rod and Annie joined. The most amazing pork chops I have ever tasted! We had a great time around the table and Dominic, Rod and Annie’s son, is always a joy to be with!


Pastor Daniel took us to visit two churches with him today. We met wonderful people and as we drove home tonight we could not stop praising God for such an encouraging day. Our prayers are with you Calvary Baptist Tabernacle as you are praying for the right man to come in as your Pastor is soon retiring. Thank you for your encouragement to us as we journey along! Our thanks also goes out to the people at West Endicott Baptist Church. We so much enjoyed getting to talk with you! Thanks for your love and generosity! We wrapped up the evening in the lovely home of the Stoddards, if you’ve ever met this family you know what we mean! We are glad to have met you and will keep in touch!


We wrote our support letters today, hopefully we will be mailing them out soon!



Today we launch the website! Be sure to follow us to find out what's happening!