BBC hosted “The Lot” multi-family yard sale today. We raised the support we had hoped to by selling many of the big items that we advertised! Glad to see Mandy’s bake sale was also a success! If it wasn’t for our fellow yardsaler proclaiming the goodness of the cookies, not sure anyone would have taken a second look! A lot of the food was sold!


Easter Day what a great time of celebration! And great food and friends. The Lord rose from the dead! If that’s not a reason to believe, not sure what is. Explaining that Easter is not about bunnies and gifts to second graders last week during lunch was entertaining. When told that Easter is when Jesus rose up from the dead one child replied: “yea, my grandma always talks bout that!” Thank God for Grandmas!



First official presentation went great in Hampton, VA. Really neat to flashback to Mandy’s childhood years as this church knew her way back when. Thank you to our mother for being such a wonderful coordinator and host! Mom you are a lovely best friend!


So nice to visit with friends of like mind. Encouraged by the time spent talking and hanging out with great couples! We will surely miss the wonderful friends we’ve made here!


Our final numbers for support came in from March and we are at 30%! WHOO hoo! Thank you! We have four scheduled visits to churches coming up!


Maicol played a volleyball tournament at BBC and their team won!