New Years Eve Party in the Lorrow Home in Richmond, VA! Fun times! We found fellow Ticket to Ride players! The Lorrow’s are heading up the AWANA program in the area! We had a great time! Thanks for all the food and fun!


10 inches of snow forces South East Virginia to declare a State of Emergency! Whoo! Snow Day! We played with the kids in the snow and watched movies!



Sent out our last letters and Christmas cards today! And *(drum roll please)* we are 3% SUPPORTED AS OF TODAY! God is good! We pray the Lord is blessing each of you as the Season of Giving and realizing His gift to us is upon us!


Just got back last night from an amazing weekend in NYC! We had such a blast and the weather was beautiful. We watched C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters Off- Broadway and we went Ice skating in Bryant Park! We walked around Times Square and had dinner at a nice restaurant in Midtown. We saw the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and the millions of people standing in line to skate… We had so much fun! And to top it off…. We were surprised to find out that our hotel reservations placed us on the top floor so we could see all of NYC from our hotel in Jersey City! What an amazing weekend. We are so thankful to our friends who gave us free bus tickets to get there! And we are thankful to God for giving us everything, even money to have fun in the city!