Had a great encouraging visit with our friends the Southwells in Harrisburg! Came down with strep throat or some type of flu so we will rest it off!


Our Newman family just drove home after spending the weekend with us in our apartment. They brought half of the Allen family and we shared great fellowship and food! We love you guys so much!


Dinner with other interns praying and planning for next year. Two couples are still looking for an internship site. Another couple is raising support to go overseas to their hometown for internship and they have 85% support! We had another individual take us on today for monthly support bumping us up to 20%!


Maicol really did it! Surprise sushi and Chinese dinner over candle light in our PJ’s! Brilliant!


We spent a wonderful week in Indiana! Mandy visited with friends from Bethesda Baptist Church while Maicol attended the NANC Conference at Faith Baptist in Lafayette, IN. We had a great week and came back motivated with some new ideas for ministry! Best of all, we were able to spend time with Maicol’s “American Family.”