July Update


We have made our last official church visit as of Sunday 7/24/2011! We are looking forward to spending most of August with family and friends saying our "goodbyes" and such. While we are excited to continue on this adventure, there is a natural strain on the heart as we pull away from our loved one's and what we've both called "home" for sometime now. It gives us relief and comfort to know we are being received by loving missionaries, friends, and family in Brazil!

There is not enough space to write the numerous ways we've seen God directing us and blessing us! We are amazed to report that we are about 65% supported and we are getting phone calls and emails daily of increases to our support! We have churches considering us and so we are excited to see what God will surely do in the next 30+ days! We are trusting the Lord that he will have us 100% supported on our departure date!

We want to thank you very much for praying for Chelsea Martin as she has been battling Leukemia since March. Some of you have asked about her lately as you have faithfully prayed. In June we were able to visit her and her husband in Cleveland, OH. Her spirits are high and her attitude is optimistic! She is progressing through treatment well and the doctors continue to be pleased with her endurance and recovery. We were greatly encouraged by our time spent with the Martin’s in June!

We have added many people to our newsletter list so if this is your first time receiving our letter and you would like to see past newsletters visit our website! Last week during ABWE's pre-AMP (short-term) conference we were able to attend the final evening of the larger Missionary Enrichment conference for all ABWE missionaries in Baltimore, MD. We were deeply encouraged and strengthened during our time spent among fellow sojourners in the faith. We witnessed nothing less than excellence and deep rooted faith in God alone. We heard testimonies from two missionary families. One husband lost his wife and mother of six to cancer. The other testified to God's power in bringing his wife and mother of two, out of a three month coma after a tragic car accident. Both families still eager to serve the Lord and believe in His sovereign plan for their lives. This is the family we are now a part of at ABWE and we are honored! Serving the Lord and being in the midst of His people and plans is awesome. We are finding relief in seeing the bigger picture. Life is but a breath. We will live this life we've been given to the fullest!

Finally, it is time to begin saying "until we meet again." We parted with our friends in Clarks Summit, PA in July as we made our last visit. We enjoyed our first two married years in Clarks Summit and more importantly we were happy to have the friends we did. God brings the right people into your life, at the right time, for the right reasons!


Left Harrisburg, PA after a three day conference/training for our ministry in Brazil. We learned so much and most importantly connected with incredible brothers and sisters in Christ. We feel refreshed and more equipped with next steps as we map out the next month and the next few years! Huge lesson learned: there is just no time for anxiety. Enjoy life because God is awesome and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Feels like a huge burden of worry has been lifted as we lay our hopes and dreams back into His Sovereign hands.


Relaxed in Clarks Summit, PA between events with Ben and Claudia and kids :) We had all our Brazilian friends over for dinner and said our goodbyes. We will miss our friends and are glad to have had the time we did together! Off to ABWE pre-AMP seminar in Harrisburg, PA!


Visited a church in Towanda, PA and experienced huge blessing! The church members don’t believe they should have A/C if so many people in the world worship without. We were so happy to be among these humble minded new friends and old. Mandy went to school with two girls in the church Stacey and Shelly and was able to reconnect! Maicol enjoyed preaching. Wonderful visit!



Finally! Mandy gets her very first, far overdue, BEACH DAY of the summer. Way to go U.S. Women Soccer! Caitlin and Taylor, thanks for being beach buddies!


Our home church of Denbigh Baptist has called a wonderful couple as the new youth pastor! We are very excited to have Kenny and Bethany work with our youth group and school!


Packing, crunching, weighing, and repacking… want to build character and patience? Try moving!


Babysitting our two nieces and nephew while their parents get the results from ultrasound of baby #4… it’s a girl! Happy for David and Sara!


Chicago. Fireworks. Giordano’s pizza. Garret’s popcorn. After a long trip – we spoiled ourselves!


Thoroughly enjoyed our time in Quincy, IL for the morning services and afternoon lunch. We met some wonderful new friends! In the evening we made it to Waterloo, IA where again we met really neat people who love the Lord and took great care of us! We are so blessed to be part of the body of Christ!


Driving to Quincy, IL to present tomorrow at Calvary Baptist. Our trip is coming to a close just a few more days! We will end up in Waterloo, IA Sunday night which is about 15 hours’ drive from home in VA. So we are going to have a little vacation in Chicago for 4th of July by ourselves! We’ve booked a hotel and then we’ll drive Tuesday 12hours to VA! Thankful for all God’s provision! This trip has been wonderful!


Drove back to Brownsburg, IN for the evening. Had fun with our Traxler friends! So neat all the people we are able to catch up with along our trip!