Flour, Sugar, Salt

We're looking forward to our return to Brazil. It's been too long. And yet, not long enough. The beautiful irony is that we feel wholly and completely torn between two homes, at all times. No matter if we are here or there, we're missing somewhere. Mostly someone's. Today however, we're missing some things. The simplicity of flour, sugar, and salt grocery lists. Fresh bread daily from the bakery across the street. Lunch buffets that make us full and feeling healthy afterwards. Parks full of friends walking around enjoying life. Walking to the bank. Chocolate mousse. Churrasco. Okay I realize most of these "things" are food. That's because Maicol and I have Lots of good memories with people that involved some delightful dish. So really we miss our whole lives in Brazil, food just puts an aroma to it. Saudades. We don't even have a sincere translation for this in English, but the idea is a really deep nostalgic remembrance. It means so much more than, "I miss you" or whatever you miss. It's like, thinking about it brings flavors, memories, and emotions right to the surface. Yep. Temos muitos saudades....

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