It was wrong, right from The Part

Anyone who has birthed a child can identify with this one. The wonderful, miraculous process of having a baby knit together in your innermost being has an innumerable amount of repercussions on your outermost person.

I don't know whose head of hair I carry around these days, but trying to become acquainted has been quite the annoyance. These lovely locks I've spent years getting to know have suddenly taken on the shape and temperament of the obnoxious little brother no one ever wanted (my little sister would never act this way!)

As if vacuuming wads of hair up every day wasn't bothersome on its own, now the hair that actually remains has been joined by new hair that behaves like a midlife crisis. So daily, I try to tame this new found friend who is actually more like a brother because you can pick your friends and NOT your family. I've realized that subconscious thought to do something radical has become more of a plausible plan to tackle this daily, grating problem. And in my frustration, I nearly succumbed to chopping it all off.

Yesterday however, I had a breakthrough.

It was all so very wrong, right from The Part!

How could I forget the fundamental importance of The Part! I tested a new Part and - Voila! I felt like a knew Woman. No,no. I felt like the Old Woman. The Young Lady. The Girl I worked so hard to grow up out of and now if I could get back to her, I'd be ever so grateful. Yes, Motherhood changes so many things. Outward and inward.

So I've got the Part right and I can get on with this "new-do". Sometimes that's all we really need. Get back to the Part, fix it, and see if every other strand doesn't just fall right into place.

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