$5,000 Reasons to Keep praying

We all have those seasons. Mine usually looks like winter - everything has a bleak and sad tone of blue overshadowing it. Snow is nice for a few hours, then I'm ready for summer again. So my winter was melted away today. I found myself singing, and leaping through the kitchen. Songs I forgot I knew! Songs thanking God for an awesome answer that ended a long, treacherous winter.

What do your long, grueling, at times confusing seasons of prayer look like?

The seasons that keep you begging - your heart staying above it's normal beats per minute for months on end. You think you're not worrying, but you realize when a sudden calm moment of peace overtakes you that it feels great to have forgotten what has been eating at you for so long and has estranged you from this surprising moment of calm in your soul. You begin to enjoy these fleeting moments of serenity since you've forgotten that pitiful worry which plagues your every to do list. And just as you settle in to the free feeling in the pit of your stomach, reality drops in and you remember that horrible worry. And to think you had mistakenly forgotten it for one glorious moment?!?!

Now the peace, tranquility, and freedom is real. The trial is over and the answer has come, and this time - it's THE answer I'd hoped for. Although this is not always the case, and God is still sovereign and perfect no matter what answer He gives, today I rejoiced with sheer amazement that what I'd pleaded for, He thought was a worthy request.

Blue Cross paid the bills from Stella's birth - in full! To some of you you're like - "yea, that's what insurance is supposed to do." But there were quite a few setbacks and lawsuit scares... so in the end - it's resolved.done.answered.checked-off. and I can't stop thanking God for the way He answered (so many details that would bore you to tears) and His perfect timing. I'm making up my own verses to "God is so good" because the ones I know are all played out in my head, I've song it all day.

Thank you to each of you who prayed us through. My knees may be calloused but my heart is full, my faith is bolstered, and my God showed Himself able, again.

"He's so good to me..."

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