Blast Off!

If you know me well, you know I'm a "Get Ready, Get Set..." kinda gal. I've got my checklists, my re-check lists. I've been meticulously packing for a week and making my final farewell visits to Starbucks. On my mini-breaks between packing and tidying up, I find myself checking the weather in Porto Alegre. Each time I'm ecstatic to see 85 and sunny. "Blast Off" can get here soon enough.

We ate churrasco today with family and I kept imagining we were at our favorite Churrascarias in Brazil. I had to imagine because the meat was just not salty enough to be authentic churrasco from the South. However, it was a delicious dining experience.  

It has really amazed me how ready I feel.  I'd begun to wonder about a month ago if I would dread the return date as it approached.  But true to God's perfect timing, He's readied me at just the right moment.

I'm thankful for a God that can change my heart in many different circumstances. He knew September 18 would come and go and that I might feel worried we'd "missed the bus". Yet in His great compassion, He secretly showed my heart the blessings He had for me here. He tweaked my worry into a chance to humbly admire His perfection and compassion. He is truly a "right on time" kind of Wonder Worker.

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